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I don’t think she’s nearly as excited as I am for this #Surge

Ron trying to be a professional
My eyes have been opened.


see this? this is appalling. no matter where we go, trans people are made to be a joke. we’re stepped all over cis people who find us hilarious. i can’t use the bathroom of my gender because cis people see my gender as a façade; this isn’t who i really am
 this is a fucking joke. no matter what i do, who i am is just a fucking joke to the rest of the world

They made it a fucking hashtag.

I’m so fucking happy South Park did this. It’s like every episode this season has been written for ME.
Hugh, I’m not sure where you are now buddy, but I know you’re still kickin ass. I only got to meet you a couple of times, but I truly loved you. And I’ll miss you.
lol get off me cat
Zelda experiences nature for the first time.